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Have you been injured in an accident or incident caused by another person's negligence? Portland Legal Group is here to help you get compensated. Thousands of people get injured in Portland due to another person's negligence. If you or your loved one have sustained injuries in such circumstances, contact us at Portland Legal Group today. We have a team of highly experienced personal injury attorneys that will help you get compensated for damages.


$10,000,000 Car Accident Settlement

$10,000,000 Car Accident Settlement


$37,000 Dog Bite Accident Settlement

$37,000 Dog Bite Accident Settlement


$500,000 Slip & Fall Accident Settlement

$500,000 Slip & Fall Accident Settlement


$4,000,000 Contract Reviews & Collaborations

$4,000,000 Contract Reviews & Collaborations


Cases That Our Law Firm Handles

Portland Legal Group attorneys have many years of experience and are highly qualified to handle various legal matters. Our Portland law firm has what it takes to represent you in many legal cases, including


Personal Injury

If you have sustained injuries in an accident caused by another person's negligence, we can help you get compensated. Personal injury claims are very complicated, especially if you are not informed about Oregon laws.

car accident attorney

Bicycle Accidents

Skilled bicycle accident attorneys at Portland Oregon Legal Group will help you file a claim and answer all your questions. We know that you are at a loss after the accident, and we will work on helping you find a reprieve.

car accident lawyer portland

Car Accidents

Portland Legal Group has vast experience representing people injured in all types of car accidents. Whether it is a hit-and-run or rear-end accident, we have lawyers specialized in representing you. We also handle accidents involving pedestrians and help them get compensated for damages.

motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle Accidents

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident in Portland, our experienced motorcycle accident attorneys are here to help you get compensated. We help prove liability and get the at-fault party to take responsibility.

dog bite injury lawyer

Dog Bite

Dog bites are mostly fatal and can result in serious injuries and infection. If you have had a dog bite, we advise you to seek medical attention immediately. After that, you should contact our attorneys at Portland Legal Group for legal advice.

slip and fall attorney

Slip & Fall

Portland Legal Group offers legal representation for slip and fall accident victims. If you sustain injuries due to tripping, slipping, or falling caused by another person's negligence, you are eligible for compensation. We have experienced slip-and-fall accident attorneys that will help prove your case

Car accident lawyer

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Accidents

At Portland Legal Group, we help represent clients who need Oregon uninsured motorist attorneys to navigate the state's complex legal system. It is crucial to know that suing an uninsured motorist is different from suing a responsible driver's insurance company.

wrongful death attorney portland

Wrongful Death

If you lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, we can help you seek compensation. Our Portland wrongful death attorneys will give you a thorough, free case evaluation regarding your case. We will also advise on the legal steps to take after the unfortunate incident.

How Our Portland Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

If you have been injured in an accident in Portland, our Portland law firm can help you get the best outcome in your personal injury claim. No matter the type of case or case volume, we strive to provide the best customer service you can get. We lead with confidentiality, integrity, and responsibility. With many years of experience practicing law, we believe that successful cases need knowledge and a consistent team. Once you get us on your case, we will handle every legal aspect on your behalf.

We have a highly dedicated team that distinguishes Portland Legal Group from the rest. Every attorney in our firm has unique strengths and is highly experienced in all aspects of Oregon law. Unlike other firms, we develop a personal relationship with our clients so that we can understand every detail of their cases. We also believe in treating our clients like family.


Having consistent and clear communication with our clients is a priority. You can access us anytime, as our attorneys are always available to answer questions regarding your case. We also strive to keep you updated throughout the case. 

Portland Legal Group provides confidential and free case consultations. 

We embrace technology and utilize cutting-edge systems to digitize legal proceedings. This is highly beneficial for your case. 

We take cases on a contingency fee basis — you don't have to spend anything until we recover compensation for damages you suffered. 

Our attorneys have established a reputation for excellence and reliability, holding our firm to high ethical standards. You can count on great legal services from us. 

Here are some of the ways our Portland personal injury lawyers can help you:

We look forward to knowing you and your case so our dedicated team of personal injury attorneys can start working on it immediately. We do everything possible to ensure your case succeeds and you get the compensation you deserve. While you might have significant injuries due to the accident, our aim is to ensure you get a reprieve from your personal injury claim. We understand that some injuries can be life-threatening and will ensure the at-fault party is held accountable.

How Much Is My Injury Claim Worth?

In most cases, clients rely on insurance companionships to tell them how much their injury claim is worth. While this is possible, insurance companies don’t always have the best perspective. Insurance companies mostly don’t take time to evaluate the extent of your injuries and give an honest assessment of the damages. The true value of your injury claim depends on many factors, and you cannot come up with an estimate without factoring in all of these factors. Remember that these factors revolve around the accident and the events that follow after the accident. 

The real monetary value of any personal injury claim depends on the following: 

  • Unique case circumstances: The circumstances surrounding the accident will determine the value of your claim. The claim is likely to have a higher value, especially if the accident was an act of negligence.
  • Lost work expenses: If you lose the ability to work due to the injuries, you should be compensated. The defendant must cover all the losses you have incurred since you lost your ability to work. 
  • Medical expenses: Any injuries must be treated, and medical expenses can be very costly. Victims spend a fortune trying to recover from damages. The higher the expenses, the higher your claim value. 
  • Concrete financial loss: If you lose your ability to work and spend a fortune on your medication, you will incur a concrete financial loss. Such circumstances increase the value of your injury claim. 
  • Physical/emotional pain and suffering: Any physical or emotional distress that results from the accident and injury, such as depression or anxiety, will add to the value of your claim. The degree of these damages determines the claim’s value. 
  • The defendant’s insurance or individual assets: The defendant’s individual assets and insurance is crucial when filing a claim. This is the case because some defendant’s are uninsured or underinsured. 

Our personal injury lawyers will use employment records, medical records, police records, and any other piece of evidence when pursuing damages and calculating the value of your claim. We may consult financial and medical experts when evaluating your damages, if necessary. This ensures that we find an accurate value for your claim.

If you have suffered an injury because of another party’s negligence, we can help you fight for the compensation you deserve.
Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case.


What Services Does Portland Legal Group Offer?

Portland Legal Group offers a customer-centered, diplomatic approach to legal cases. We help our clients navigate challenging legal situations by representing their interests. If you or your loved one have sustained injuries in an accident caused by another person's negligence, our personal injury attorneys are ready to help you. We represent individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and large and small business owners throughout Oregon. Our services are aimed at helping victims of accidents caused by negligence or carelessness.With many years of experience practicing law, Portland Legal Group offers a wide range of legal services. Some of them include assistance with credit health checks, transportation assistance, medical insurance applications, and medical service provider referrals, among others. Therefore, no matter the kind of legal problem you have, our team is ready to help — You can consider us a one-stop-shop for all your legal issues in Portland! We guarantee high-quality representation for our clients, as we value customer satisfaction. Get in touch with us for more information about our services and how we can help you.

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Why Hire Lawyers from Portland Legal Group?

At Portland Legal Group, we have highly skilled attorneys with strong legal backgrounds and many years of experience. We offer the best attorneys with a broad range of experience in specific legal matters. If you trust us with your case, we will apply our knowledge and experience to ensure you get the desired outcome. We also handle accidents involving pedestrians and help them get compensated for damages. 

If you or your loved one were injured in a Portland accident, you might be eligible for compensation. Our law firm will represent your case and help prove the other party’s negligence. As a reputable legal firm, we believe that developing a solid relationship to comprehend your situation is the most efficient strategy to represent you. Our dedicated Portland personal injury attorneys provide personalized attention and solutions to our clients. This guarantees valuable, long-term relationships.




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